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Amir Khalaf

Hello and welcome to my site t where people with tase come to check out designs and/or get their own websites, logos and digital marketing.

About Me

“Eyes closed, Head first, Can’t lose” 

Developing With A Passion While Producing Remarkable Results.

A little about me. I am 20 years old and when I graduated from a business school in Sweden I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Until I discovered design and went into web design not long after.

I provide a lot of services for a lot of different people. Everone is different so it’s only natural that we all like and want different things. 

What Services I'm Providing

Look below and you might discover something 😀

Graphical Design

I can create Illustrations and designs to help you or your company with marketing and any other graphical design needs you might have. 

Digital Marketing
I can design posters and images for you or your business. And help you with digital marketing so you can increase your visibility online.
Web Development

I will help you create a website with the domain of your choice from scratch. Or if you would prefer to use a template as a starting point.

Introdroduction video
comming soon

Watch this video to know a little more about me and my design style. 

Work Experience

Sure I might not have the most experience but I make up for that with hard work and great results.
How I learned my craft

I am a compleatly self taught designer. I learn because It is what I want and like. I like provideing value for people and hope that I can do that with my web designs and all of my other services. 


Web Designer

I have designed websites using WordPress for 2 years, starting with my own. I have redesigned this website multible time. Over and over again to get it just right. Other than that I have designed two other websites. I am constantly improving my skills and am learning HTML and CSS to better understand how the design process works so I can give my customers a better experience with their own sites.

Web Designer

My Portfolio

you can view my work on these sites. 

What My Clients Say

Check out what my clients think of my services.

Amazing work, thanks for a job well done and a great attitude. 

Caprino Ab

One of the most motivated and energetic, dare I say passionate people I have ever seen. Thank you!

Samuel Stevens