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About Me

Hi my name is Amir and I love technology and really everything in IT. I live in Sweden and have a lot of hobbies. Web Design, building computers, and playing around with tech is just some of the things that I enjoy. I like working with people and solving problems. Because the more you solve, the more you learn. And I am not big a fan of making mistakes which is why I always make sure to learn from them. I like making friends and being a part of a team. When I am not looking/working on anything related to IT. I like to play games on my computer or board games.


WordPress (Web Design)
Fundamentals Of IT
People Skills & Communication
Office 365
Politeness 😀

Works in progress

Web design

I am loooking for any opportunity to improve my web design skills. I have some experience with creating wordpress websites. (This is mentioned in the section Experience)

Cyber Security

I am planning to start working with cyber security and become a certified penetration tester within the next 5 - 10 years. Penetration tester, or pen testers for short, perform simulated attacks on a company’s computer systems and networks. It is essentially hacking their network (with their permission) to find any issues, bugs or vulnerabilities that other hackers can use to take control of their systems.

Coding & Programming

I am actively learning how to code & program using python and soon I am going to make a Projects section for my python projects on this website.


Wordpress Creator

From 2021 - 2022

I have experience creating wordpress websites. I have made two so far. And done a remake of this website twice, before if became this one.  

It Tech Support fundementals

I have completed a course made by google that makes me certified for an entry-level IT job. The Certificate is listed below.


My Blog

The blog will be up soon … 

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